Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Room Sweet Room

Ashviqha's Posting:
We have shifted from Bdr Sunway to Bandar Puteri Puchong. Had the house warming ceremony on the 18th Nov 09, at 4am. It was a small function with only close relations attended the function. Despite the time (4am), all attended the function. I woke up as early as 4am to join the ceremony but Levinkha was having a tough time so she continued sleeping up to 6.30am.
Officially the things were moved on 21 Nov. That was a hectic day for PaPa and Mommy. Packing and unpacking! A big thanks thanks to all those who helped us on that day...to be specific...Suresh Mama, Manju Atthai, Kanesan Periappa, Siva Periappa, Nallasivam Periappa, Vasuge Periamma, grandmas and grandpas.

About my new house......spacious compared to what we use to have, very quiet (u can even hear a pin drop), magnificent view from up the hill, very cold especially at night (we don't really need air cond), beautiful playground, wonderful neighbours (with that little handsome boy Karan next door...hey he's only 2 ok!!)

About my new room...we call it a PINKY ROOM. It's all pink as we are crazy pinkies! Walls are pink, wardrobe is pink, curtain is pink, bedsheet
is pink and even the bath mat is also PINK!!!!!! (The photos are self evident). Levinkha and I share this room. Mommy says she's lucky to have 2 girls so we could share the same room and spare room will be dedicated as library/study.

PINK roller blind

PINK wall

PINK Princess Bedsheet

Levinkha's favourite cartoon character alarm clock... (Mommy says i need this to wake up every morning coz next year i'll start schooling....yahoooooooo)

PINK wardrobe

PINK bath mat

What else can i ask for?? Complete DREAM ROOM has been fulfilled..Many thx to you both PaPa and Mommy!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Big Sorry

Ashviqha's Posting:

Are you'll missing us??? Ash-Levin really appreciate all comments and e-mails from our avid readers. SORRRRYYYY....
Ash Levin sisters went missing for 2 months and we are BACK with more updates now. There's so much to update that i'm having a tough time to figure out the flow of my postings...Hihi:)

Last 2 months were so hectic for us (or Mommy???)...probably that's the reason we din have much time to pen down the happenings. We shifted to Puchong last November and that goes the whole month of November for cleaning etc..etc. Infact there are still lot more to go!
And later this month (12-26 Dec), we went to India to visit our relations/tour.
I'll elaborate more in my next postings.