Friday, December 30, 2011

Ash Birthday - 1609

Ashviqha's Posting:

We just realized that we have too many postings on birthdays. So I decided to cut short on this one. Mini celebration on 17 Sep. Around 25 attended the function from the 'Mix Cong Clan'.
Clown cake...Mommy says it looks like me!
I thought it was my birthday, perhaps more than 1 I guess!
Hey, I'm officially 8 now!
Birthday gift from Levinkha..made a small hole only in Mommy's pocket!

Can I have that cashier machine Ashviqha...plsssss!!

Papa's Birthday - 1509

Ashviqha's Posting:

It was a massive planning on 15 Sep 2011. We went gaga on what to buy? Will Papa like the gift? What cake? After a looong planning, we decided to buy a cake worth of RM4.90. Yes I'm right, a RM4.90 cake with a diameter of 8cm. I guess the gift from Giorgio Armani was much bigger than the cake!! It was a surprise mini celebration. We started with a beautiful dark night by switching off all lights. Then when Papa entered the house, we surprised him by throwing the confetti....Oooh lala...there goes the birthday cake lit up and traditional birthday song...................

Happy face ...

Smallest, cheapest, tastiest cake ever...

Mini cake cutting ceremony...less people more share!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Sports Day 2011

Ashviqha's Posting:

Just can't recall the date, what a poor memory! Definetely the sports day was before my birthday ..haha (at least managed to remember that!). Took part in 1 event 4x50m and won the gold medal. Papa said 'What a distance yahh! Mmm'

Proud dad..(proud mommy bz capturing the the proud moments..LOL:)


The proud sister parading Akka's medal!!

Turning 4

Levinkha's Posting:

A little bit on my 4th birthday update. I know it's an overdue entry but my chief editor makes it a point that we should share all the memorable moments here for later admiration!

My birthday this year fell on a Saturday and it was indeed great to have all my 'little' friends around me to celebrate the special day. Thanks to Uncle Sara, Uncle Raaga, Uncle Sunthar, Uncle Nathan and their family for being with us that evening.

Me with my birthday dress...

Thanks for all the prezzies...

Wow..a big one from Akka..thx so much Akka!

WAAHHHHH...a Barbie Piano! I didn't know that!

Mommy arranged some games for the kids..we did enjoy!

Statue dance game. It was really fun..

Pretty ladikis wonderful neighbours.

Serious discussion never ends when the coursemates meet :)

All my 'little' friends. Btw, another 4 missing!

That's my cake. Akka had the same type of cake last year and finally i got it this year. Princess ..mmm

Adhi Athhiii..."Is it that finger lickin' good?''The oldest member of the party