Monday, August 24, 2009

My Secret Affair...

Ashviqha's Posting:

Secret affair?? Yes my secret affair especially on some Tuesdays and Fridays (after my Ballet Class)'s very secret that we use to hide at the back of a red van, sitting down on a small stool with a cozy environment and .............................tasting the mouth watering Steamboat by FAT ONE...hihi :)

I love steamboat, especially the one in the RED van. I've tried the Yuen Steamboat and few others but nothing can beat this get varieties of items while watching people walking, driving etc..etc.. And of course you can find another van beside the Fat One selling soya bean drinks. That's yummy too.

Water convolvulus...a.k.a kangkung. I just love it....Mommy claims (through research) that this vege absorbs heavy metals and therefore she doesn't cook it at home..:(

My favourite tofu...too delicious to resist! Aaaapppp!

Full coverage by my journalist a.k.a photographer a.k.a. Mommy..

Bal Vikas

Ashviqha's Posting:

This is the beginning of my spirirual journey. My first Bal Vikas was on 1st Aug 2009. Mommy quoted one of the famous quote by Sathya Sai Baba:

"A house must be built on solid foundations if it is to last. The same principle applies to man, otherwise he too will sink back into the soft ground and becomes swallowed up by the world of illusion".

I enjoy going for Bal Vikas and I can't wait for Levinkha to join me next year...

This is the white uniform for Bal Vikas...White means PURE..

Sunday, August 23, 2009

What a transformation!!!

Levinkha's Posting:

Akka and her face transformation. Amazing isn't it....from a chubby to a pretty girl. These are Akka's passport size photo collection. The first one was taken in Jan 2008, she was about 4 1/2 years old then. It was taken in a rush to get the international passport done. PaPa and Mommy had a good laugh looking at her photo...Akka looks like a typical Japanese girl here. PaPa says that whenever anyone of us are sad, we should take a look at this photo and it will keep us smiling (or probably laughing) all day.

The next photo is taken few days back...for her school registration. This is more like my darling SIS! We love you dah....

Monday, August 17, 2009

Bedtime Story

Ashviqha's Posting:

I get to hear bedtime stories everyday but it also depends on Levinkha's mood. If Levinkha doesn't sit still and listen, then I need to say bye bye to my bedtime story...
And sometimes she can be really funny....After each sentences of the story she goes...'Ohh'.
She sounds like a typical granny!
Last week we got a real time story..on Mommy's experience giving birth to Levinkha. Mommy says she wanted to record the story before she forgets but unfortunately she's not free. So i'll do it on her behalf.

Here goes our bedtime story on 15th Aug 09

"Two years back on the 3rd Aug 2007, Friday I had slight pain, not knowing whether it was contraction. Went to KJMC...Guess what?? PaPa was at work and Thatha brought me to the hospital with his hazard lights on, gave me a good laugh for that evening. Dr. Silvam waited for us in the hospital...straight went in to the labour room but there's no dilation. He asked me to get admitted since i'm almost there. Decided to get admitted, and of course so determined to push as soon as possible. Lots of exercise but nothing helped. So they decided to discharge me the next day...nothing to feel happy coz the little one is still hiding there and walking up and down the hospital not only consuming petrol but also money!! I became very ancious and frustrated members and Dr Silvam started calling in on and off to find out if i had contraction. After a long wait, on Sunday, 5th Aug about 11.30pm had a slight pain, but still unsure whether it was contraction. At that moment, PaPa was out with Sekaran Periappa for supper. Yaa...Sekaran Periappa was back from Perth for a short break to settle some of his work here. So I was so excited that finally i got contraction and called PaPa back home. So later when they came back, we (PaPa, Sekaran Periappa and Me) rushed to KJMC. I was walking with a very cool look to the ward, told the nurse on duty ..."I nak deliver" (I want to deliver now)...All of them looked at me shockingly....well probably i don't look like one. In fact the nurse asked me..."Betul ke Puan nak bersalin...". I said "Of course la...i'm having contraction...pls call Dr. Silvam". I walked up to the labour room waiting for the doc. Doc arrived about 1am.....By then it was intense contraction, but still manage to smile looking at my doc's sleepy eyes with shirts not properly buttoned....hehe!!!! I know I'm cruel...had to wake up that poor man middle of the nite but that's the only way to keep myself calm! Well I enjoyed every moment in the delivery room...knowing that this will be last time I'll visit THIS ROOM. Never ever again! There was one more labour room next to mine. All i could here, women screaming..followed by baby crying... but not the same in my room. Few people delivered after i went in to the labour room...but not me!!! When is my turn?....OMG, I couldn't bare the pain. By 6am to 7am i was fully dilated but unfortunately the baby's head was not properly positioned in order for me to push. The doc tried tilting the baby's head and finally i was ready to push about 10am. I was tired + thirsty +tensed + low stamina ...but somehow i tried my best. The midwife was very caring and helpful, unfortunately i can't recall her name...the nurse, Kosheela is also very loving person. Their encouragement was very valuable and really appreciate it!
After pushing few times...PaPa could see the head but still the baby is not out! I was dead tired so asked the doc if I could go for a C-Sec. Before the doc. could say anything Kosheela was fuming "you better deliver've gone through half the pain, why do you want to give are not allowed for C-Sec". Deep down I was thinking..."this must be very experienced mom cum nurse"...............To my shock, only recently got to know (when I brought Levinkha for checkup) that Kosheela delivered her first baby last May 2008. What?? She was talking as if she has 5 kids during my delivery...and now this is her FIRST CHILD? Amazing woman with encouraging u Kosheela! I couldn't have done it without you!
Let's go back to the story...the doc wanted me to give a final try before proceeding for a C-Sec. PUSH! PUSH! Mmmm...not that easy though...but somehow I did it and finally the baby a.k.a Levinkha was out from that confined space at 11.03; 6th August 2007. I love the date as those who are born on the 6th will excel in life ...hoping to see Einstein in the family since we know Aishwarya Rai is already in the making.....hehehe!!"

I am a GIRL..

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My Wishlist

Ashviqha's Posting:

Wishlist will be very helpful to everyone especially when we need to get a gift. This would be definetely very helpful to PaPa and Mommy next month... (hint..hint..)

Here goes My Wishlist...

1. Fancy clip-on nails (the manicure set for children)
2. Barbie Dolls
3. Bangles and fancy colored rings
4. Hair-do (lots of curl)
5. Lots of 'Chocolate Indulgence' from Secret Recipe
6. Pink Shoes
7. Encyclopedia
8. Bedtime story books
9. Skirts
10. Fancy colored chains

Misery Memoir

Levinkha's Posting:

Just like any other kids, i was running around having fun with Akka last Saturday...had a fall and cut my tongue. The only word I could describe is BLOOD. Combination of BLOOD and TEARS made me tired. I could only hear everyone crying around me....Mommy was getting some ice cubes...without knowing the exact place of injury. It was a deep cut and shifts around when the tongue is moved. Mommy rushed me to the hospital. Guess what...after reaching KJMC she realized that she left her purse at home. Went back home, got the purse and again we landed in KJMC. We saw Dr. Syed...and he said 'it looks like a deep cut and probably needs stitches'. Well, he tried calling Dr. Loga, ENT in KJMC. He wasn't in at that time, and promised to see me at 3pm. So there we go home...and again at 3pm we were back in KJMC! And finally he made THE DECISION to go for STITCHES. Oh dear, i guess it must be painful...(by seeing Mommy's reaction). But again Dr. Loga is busy then and asked us to go back at nite 9pm.....4 times a day to hospital is no good with H1N1 around....!!!

Finally at 9pm i was in the OT room for about 30mins. I had 9 stitches...I couldn't eat for 24 hours but now I'm back with my favourite curries!

Thursday, August 06, 2009

The Celebration

Levinkha's Posting:
I'm a little tired today ...but as promised I'll upload some photos of the DAY!
It was simple birthday celebration with less than 10 people. But Mommy has promised a bigger one later next month once PaPa is back. Sooo cweeet...i can expect another gift from all of them next month.

Looks yummy...the Choc. Strawberry Cake from Cake Sense

'Akka, where are you, Come join me'

Getting ready

'Can I sing along? Birthday song is one of my favourite...'

Akka was more into the photography session rather than tasting the cake...

'Akka, Let's cut the cake together'

Ok...Mommy, it's your turn

Ok, next....

Pose of the day...hehe

What's that Akka, Prezzie??? OMG that's a big one...

OOOOOOOhhhhhhhhhhhhh Barney my favourite, I love U.

Yess..I've got a new friend to play with...

Ahhh another prezzie? Birthday...From my view 'It means the day you are born...yaa only on that day of that particular year but later it's all about cakes and presents'. that right Mommy?

Hey I got 2 CDs, 1 BARNEY and the other DORA...both are my darlings!!

Ash-Levin: Happy 1st Anniversary!

Ashviqha & Levinkha' s Posting:

Today, Ash-Levin turns ONE!Justify Full Yes, exactly ONE on 6 Aug 2009 at 11.03am.
We can’t believe we’ve been blogging for a year already! It’s been such an amazing year.

It's always been a good idea in setting up this blog because even after many years later we can actually sit and read all the wonderful things that we did together as sisters...admire the JOY of SISTERHOOD!

Dear Mommy,
Thanks for setting up this blog for us. We promise that we will keep this blog going as it is, till the end.

We are really grateful to all of you who visit our blog, read and comment. It really means a lot to us and it is very much appreciated! This blog wouldn’t be the same without you and we hope you’ll continue to visit as Ash-Levin grows.

2 in 1

Levinkha's Posting:

6 Aug 2009; 11.03am means a lot to me. Yes it's my BIRTHDAY and Ash-Levin's 1st Blogoversary.
Basically I'm on countdown now....another 1 hr and 3 minutes to go..oooohhhhhhhhoooo!!!!

I've been brought in to this world 2 years back, mmm... and I should say that I've had so much fun all these while. Thanks to PaPa, Mommy and Akka for the love and care given so far.
Today Mommy is planning for a small birthday party for me and do you think I should start guessing on my birthday present from now..?? I'll post some of the 'Moments' in my next posting.