Sunday, May 30, 2010


Ashviqha's Posting:
Hi everyone! Let's get updated with my weekend activity. As I mentioned in my earlier post I will reveal more on my weekend activity, spending 2 precious hours swinging away to the Bollywood music. It's all about Bollywood Academy located in Kelana Jaya (Kelana Mall to be specific). I love DANCING! So.....

I've started with the first song which is Jai-Ho. You'll be amazed to see how we girls picked up half the dance in just first 2 hours. YES, I did it on my first lesson. Ooooops I should have mentioned the Instructors name before i go into the dance by itself. She's none other than Mdm Agnes Hamilton. Sounds too english rite...but she's northern Indian. A great dancer who has choreographed for Bollywood fame such as Anil Kapoor, Sunil Shetty, Jaya Prada, Sri Devi, Sunjay Dutt and many more.
Hey you know what...I'm the only odd one in the class as the others are all Punjabi girls. So, the instructors tend to forget my existance and they tend to use Hindi. But Mommy already warned me...'Ash you better pick up two things in this class.. 1) dancing 2) Hindi language'. She's a killer you know. Killing 2 birds with one stone!

Yesterday was my third lesson and Mother's Day Celebration in the academy. Our group presented the Jai-Ho song and other senior groups with their respective songs. We were entertained with the dance performance by the Instructors...Mdm Agnes and her 2 assistants Mr. Sachin & Mr. Santhesh.

Getting ready for JAI-HO

Three instructors performing. From left Mr Santhesh, Mdm Agnes & Mr Sachin

With Mr. Santhesh

And Mr. Sachin

At the end of the day, we gave roses to our Mums. And there I go with my rose as If I won the Oscar and there she goes pretending to be a Mommy of a GREAT Star , hugging and kissing; thank god she didn't cry! Muuaahhaaa...........

Celebrity that caught by the papparazi a.k.a PaPa

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Ashviqha's Posting:

Hi how's everyone? We are good. Next week is my mid term examination. I'm not as worried as Mommy though. You may call it happy go lucky. That's me! Did I ever mention that i started my modern dance class this month. Big full stop for Ballet after we moved to Puchong. I wasn't keen going to any other dance academy except Aurora at SS18. And Mommy wasn't keen on travelling to Subang every week. Btw, my intention to pick up modern dance in Aurora wasn't at the greatest momentum. So I decided to stop Ballet. (** Btw, just forget about my ambition of becoming a Ballet dance teacher. My ambition grows as I grow..hehe:) Modern dance has always been my passion. And recently Mommy came across an academy which offers Bollywood dance. What else...let's try. I just love being there. You'll be suprised with my instructor................................!!! I'll reveal more in my next posting about this academy and also the instructor. Get ready for the suprise ok. Meanwhile, let's catch-up with some recent photos of Levin & me.

My best buddy Tanisha from Ipoh. She lives near Attha's house. Great buddy whenver i'm in Ipoh.

Once in a while...after my Drama Class

Levinkha's best buddy Tiny. Tiny was here last 25 Apr. I think he had too many stuffs to carry along with him for 1 night stay.

Both puppies(ooopppps...) posing for the camera

Manage to smile after a long cry. That's our darling!

She's not stylish, girlish, modelish...etc. 'lish' but once in a while she gives a shock....

..she can be a great model!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Ladies Coach

Ashviqha's Posting:

Do you know that recently KTM Komuter has introduced ladies coach? Mommy tried the past few days, and she has given up on this coach! Ya...the past few days she's been travelling to KL for some training and she's been using public transportation. First day, she was happy getting into the Ladies' Coach, and second day she was just pissed off. According to her, ladies can be wild too, can be worst than men. A bunch of ladies' standing at the back of her in the station pushed her while getting into the train....she felt herself like the sardines in the sandwich!

Lesson of the day?

1. No Ladies' Coach forever.
2. If possible no public transport during peak hours
3. Next time when ppl push u, u push them back! Teach them a lesson (this applies only for Mommy...)
4. No high heel shoes ok, only slippers.
5. Get a good massage immediately, if not you won't be able to wake up the next morning!


Levinkha's Posting:

We haven't been blogging the passed one month simply because we (or Chief editor) were just too lazy. Too many things in hand, plus CE is also busy with her work+ etc..etc.. Holidaying in some island without us could be one of the reason too.

Well, nothing has been soo exciting in our life lately that need be Xposed...but some little things do make us happy all the time. Let's share the little things that made everyone laugh....

This one happened few weeks back...

Woke up as early as 6.30am and got ready by 7.15am. Uniform a bit loose and bag is empty. What can I do, it's all second hand stuff from Ash. Btw, can anyone send me to school today?

PaPa gave me a shocking look.
Hey what's up? Why are you with Smart Readers uniform?
Mmmm..I wanna go to school? Send me PaPa...Plssss!

PaPa, Akka and Kakak laughed at me. Why are they laughing? Is it too early to start schooling. A bit confused....