Thursday, May 28, 2009

Hypotension= 2 Weeks Break

Levinkha's Posting:

I think it's high time 4 Mommy to get a break from us...the little monsters. She's got this 90/60 pressure...oh dear, whatever it means.... but in summary it says low blood pressure. She was running around the last two weeks and Akka says that could be 1 of the reason she's going Hypo!

Yes...we decided to go E Poh for 2 weeks. Let Mommy rest in peace..LOL))....and the both of us can have fun with our friends there.

We are goin to E Poh tomorrow with Thata. Mommy said I must to be a good girl and not to increase Thata's blood pressure! What?? In KL low E Poh high pressure????
I guess must be some scientific reason for that....(but just don't bother asking Mommy)

Monday, May 25, 2009

First Day At SRK SS19...

Ashviqha's Posting:

...was really exciting. This month is a real tough month for Mommy. She had lots of running around work to settle my kindergarten issue. Smart Reader Kids SS14 has been hit by the worst tsunami. Mommy thought another 7 months is a long way to go and she decided to switch me to Smart Reader Kids SS19 (SRK). Of course the corner lot terrace gives more space for me to run around compared to the confined shop lot. I'm more of a freebird now...:)

I'm now in the afternoon session. Less a way I can get more attention..hehe! This week Uncle Rajan the transporter is sending me to school. But Mommy picks me up in the evening. I finish at 4.30pm and she'll be there about 5.15pm. This gives me a chance to play in the playground next to SRK.

First day wasn't really tough. More of assessments and readings. I heard teacher telling Mommy that I'm quite good in reading. Yippie!!!

Smart Reader Kids SS19

Still energetic after school...

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

Ashviqha's Posting:

Happy Mother's Day to you Mommy. Last year PaPa and Me went hunting for a gift and finally bought an exclusive Giordano Jewellery set. That was purely from my piggy bank! Unfortunately this year I don't have much in my pocket and also my partner is not around for the hunting session. All I can afford today is a simple painting to show how much I love her. The painting was done in school...mmm I love grapes!!

This computer painting was done last year and now it's placed in the museum...oops in Mommy's office.

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Beginner To Primary

Ashviqha's Posting:

Hooray...I've been upgraded from Beginner to Primary Level for Ballet. Today was my first lesson in Primary Level. I've started on Modern Ballet as well. Kinda interesting. Hey looks like I'll be facing more exams now than before. This Sep/Oct I got to sit for Modern Ballet Examination. Not a big prob. to me because I love dancing....If you ask me on school exams it's always NO!NO!. But this May I've got mid term examination in kindy. I better do well because Mommy loves comparing my results and hers when she was small. I hate that...can't she compare mine with PaPa' least for once i can be proud of my results.