Friday, February 26, 2010

Tiny the Puppy

Levinkha's Posting:

Manju Athai has Tiny the Puppy in her house. He's such a cutie as the name goes. He is soooo tiny and that's how he got the name. I'm tiny too...(but thank GOD Mommy didn't name me Tiny :))
Come baby come...Let us be friends

He has a special house (Mommy says it's called cage), comb, ball, special food and the list goes on! Last weekend we were there visiting him for the first time. I was quite shy...and he was shy too. Probably he never expected 2 girls to visit him!! Well he was OK with us after an hour. I touched his soothing fur (hey it' like the carpet at home, in fact smoother than that).

Tiny has nice hazel eyes (like Akka's eyes). Btw, with the
flash it looks like green eyes. Hahaha...

Getting to know each other...

Finally we are friends now...

Tiny's favourite ( and cheap) toy...Yellow hanger.

Tiny's comb

Never liked to comb my hair, but tried it on Tiny with her new comb!!

That's his cage...but love spending time inside Athai's house.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Virtual Makeover

Ashviqha's Posting:

I'm extremely excited about the virtual makeover which Mommy just discovered through another blog. She was excited to try out and of course I became the guinea pig. You can actually upload your photo and change your hairstyle, makeup what so ever and see what suits you best. Mommy says that most probably I might end up being like one of those makeover once I grow up. Wonder whether there is any website where you can upload your baby photo and get to see how you look like when you grow up...Hee...that'll will be awesome.

We tried it on works fine. Probably we'll try on Levin too when she's back. Oh yea...i'm sure most of you wondering where is that lil girl now! She's in Periamma's house. She misses them soooo much I guess. She insisted that she wants to sleep in Periamma's house and I guess Mommy was so relieved to hear that ...:))

Okkkkk for now...come have a look at this pREtty wOMaN :P

Blonde...ooohhh, i guess I still have that childish look.

Not too bad..I mean the hairstyle. Probably I should go for a hair cut soon.

Something is wrong somewhere...not sure where?

This hairstyle is also not too bad...simple yet classy. Is this what they call "syok sendiri'?

Mmm...this one is so so only

Anyone interested to go for a makeover? Go google search and get it done...hehe.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Funny Conversation

Ashviqha's Posting:

PaPa: Where do you want to go for holidays?
Levin: Kong Kong Disneyland!
PaPa: Thank God not King Kong Disneyland!!

Mommy : Where is your Bindi (Pottu) Levi? U drop it somewhere?
Go find it...
Levin : I finded, Mommy!
Mommy : Oh dearie...i know how hard you try to use Tense...but...but...I'm tensed now!


(After a few times forcing her to take shower.....)
PaPa : "Go andddddddd mandiiiiii Levi"...
Levin: Ok, Sir! (Just the way Kakak addresses my Dad)


Levin : Kakak susu...
Kakak : How many ounce?
Levin : Many ounce
Kakak : Many ounce??
Levin : Yaa..many..many ounce!


Thursday, February 11, 2010

Photo Blogging??

Ashviqha's Posting:

Yes, let me opt for photo blogging today as my brains are too exhausted for words!!

Annual Sports Day: 4 Feb 2010

My team..Tun Dr Mahathir's Team

I won Silver Medal in 4 x 25m ...Congrats to my team!

Sunday is a Fun Day ...Pool Day


Monday, February 01, 2010

Thaipusam Updates...

Ashviqha's Posting:

Hi guys, new postings are still pending and we are trying to update as much as possible. Recently my Chief Editor wanted to post her entries in our blog because she says she doesn't have one. This has actually slowed down her work. Hehe...But for your info she had 2 blogs earlier but she has forgotten the passwords. OMG can you imagine how active she was until she lost her passwords! We advised her to create her own blog coz posting in our blog will be invasion of privacy!! I won't be surprised if she name her blog .....hehe:)

Ooops am I blabbering too much?

Ok let's go back to the title of this posting; Thaipusam, an auspicious day for Lord Muruga. The 2 sisters spent some time in Batu Caves on Saturday evening. We had the chance to see lotsa of kavadis until the rain started pouring. And there goes everyone hibernating under the canopies! But with a small cute umbrella, all of us (PaPa, Mommy, Ash & Levin) walked under the rain with head covered with shawls. Anak Mami sought of la...come let's have a look at Thaipusam thru my lens...A non DSLR lens...

**Pst..pst..PaPa when are we getting the DSLR camera?

Managed to grab some of our favourite ballons.. Dora & Princess

Judgement Day

Levinkha's Posting:

Remember Akka was mentioning on the judgement day for the ostrich egg? Finally judgement has been made (only today). 5 out of 6 say YUMMY and 1 says YUCKKY. Mommy says YUCKKY without trying the omelet. It was too delicious or Yummlylicious I would say. Not much difference with the chicken egg. But it was a hassle taking out the content. Words can't describe...only Mommy's photos can!

Look at the tools being used...hammer and nail. Isn't that massive?

At one glance it looks like 2 ostrich eggs...Hehe:)