Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Happy Birthday PaPa

Ashviqha's Posting:

Happy xxth Birthday PaPa. I'll never reveal his age...(secret!secret!). Today is PaPa's birthday and another 24 hours will be my birthday. Wow! What a coincidence, it would have been a greater coincidence if my birthday falls on 15th Sep. Mommy said there'll be a bigger celebration tomorrow for my birthday. But still need to celebrate the birtday boy right....so all of us went to OldTown White Coffee...I just love the ice cream toast and PaPa loves the Assam Laksa. I guess I'm already into the food thingy, let's get back to the birthday matter. So what's the prezzie like for PaPa. As usual Mommy is incharge of that section but she says the prezzie will be delivered later...I guess she's still searching for the right gift...hihi:)
But Mommy please remember not to delay my gift..OK!
The birthday boy...

Mommy: Aiiiyayyooo....the glass is bigger than Levin!

Levinkha: I better drink as much as possible, before Mommy starts her traditional advise...NIGHT, ICE WATER, FLU (you know old ladies la!! like to nag!)

This is what I'm craving for...Assam Laksa...arrrrrapppp!

Birthday wishes from Thata and Atha. They better wish him early because they keep forgetting his birthday since 2003.. U know why? Because they are so focused on 16 Sep rather than 15th Sep. It's ok PaPa you've been celebrating birthday for the past 33 years and I just started.

North, South, East and West...but never look straight at the camera for once. U know who!

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Language Strength

Levinkha's Posting:

I've mastered 3 languages; English, Tamil and BM. I'm able to make sentences now..everyone gets excited especially when i speak in BM...Sometimes I mix few languages in one sentence. After all, we come from 1 Malaysia...LOL:) Some of my favourite sentences are:

"Kakak buat chuchu(susu) lima ounce"

"Mandi saya..."

"Mana mangkuk saya?"

"Akka pegi skool"

"Tangan saya kotor"

"Saya mau air"

"Saya hand kotor"

"Cuci tangan saya"

"Saya jatuh. Sangat pain"

"Sangat bucuk(busuk)"

"Sangat yummy..."