Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Not Surprise BUT Surprise

Ashviqha's Posting:

Father's Day was around the corner and we were not decided on the gift. Mommy was saying it's a burden to get the brain to do the thinking. Knowing Mommy's brain capacity, Papa gave a wishlist. Initially Mommy wanted to get him Play Station but then this item wasn't in the wishlist. Guess Papa must have known that the PS will be out of control (we girls are also aiming for one :) )

He wanted a Liverpool jersey badly so we decided to get him one. Mommy went hunting (so called surprise gift), manage to find one but was extremely cheap...what else ..that was a fake jersey. She was extremely tired looking for one so ended up calling Papa asking him where to buy the original jersey. Haha... so there goes the (not) surprise gift. I freaked out knowing that this gift is no more a surprise gift. :((

Mommy was smart enough to make not suprise as a surprise gift. Isn't that confusing? I was too in the beginning.

Mommy bought the jersey in Empire Subang, left in the car booth. She came back home with a very sad face "I'm sorry i tried my best but I couldn't, why don't we get it in KLCC tonite?"-There goes Papa searching in the net (for hours) where to purchase one.
The same nite ( a day b4 Father's Day) we went to KLCC for dinner at Chakri's (before that the jersey was put into Mommy's huge handbag)

(After dinner)------TADADA...''Papa, we got a small gift, we know you are eargerly waiting for your jersey, but this could sooth you down". There he goes with the sad face opened the present.....


And now you can see the BIG smile on his face...

...finally parading the jersey, before cutting the father's day cake.

Wednesday, June 01, 2011


Levinkha's Posting:

Recently akka was called for an audition for a tamil drama. She only knows 'konjum konjum tamil' and yet she was there for the audition. Mommy was all stressed out teaching her to act before the audition. (Mommy had the experience once, so I guess that helped her!).

Akka's acting wasn't too bad, but the accent doesn't fit in situation at all. Hehe :) Guess what??? She was blacklisted in the tamil film forever! Oooops let me put in a soft manner, "she wasn't chosen for the time being". I guess in future she would make it at least for the money we spend monthly on her drama class.. :)

Akka, waiting for her turn...

...and this is Mommy during her audition at RTM back in 2009. Mommy says she was made to look like 'Hantu' hosting a programme...:) We had to crop this photo, as her lips are like 5 times bigger than Ning Baizura's (i'm sure you know what I mean).

FYI she was chosen to host a special programme with the 1 Malaysia concept called 'Malaysia 2030'. But later the programme was scrapped due to budget constraint. Well, she was called again for Malay news reading in the afternoon , but too bad Mommy works with the Gomen in the afternoon and there goes the offer...Mind you, GOMEN is not as easy as you think...hosting also needs permission from DG. Her DG agreed on hosting but only RTM allowed (you know why??? )...LOL :)