Thursday, March 24, 2011

Universal Studio Singapore

Ashviqha's Posting: This post has been been pending for some time and I guess today's the right day to Xpose the trip to USS. Some tips for those planning for a USS trip: 1) Get your ticket purchased online because only certain number of tickets sold each day. 2) Be there as early as 9am. 3) Bring your cap, you got to walk in the hot sun most of the time. 4) Bring a water bottle and you can refill your bottle as much as you want from the water coolers. 5) Get ready with your camera because you'll bump into Marilyn Monroe, Charlie Chaplin etc..etc..fuyoooo that was an amazing experience, seeing all the dead people walking around you ! 6) Take extra clothes because there's a tendency of getting wet. 7) Don't bother smuggling food into USS coz, you can get delicious food with affordable price in the cafeteria. Needless to say about the briyani in Oasis Spice Cafe.

Sci-Fi City, much more than a robot city..

Glimpse of USS

That's the dino eggs, huge and I guess that's a fake one!!

This one in front of Fiona's castle. You know Fiona? That's Shreks wife.

Here comes our favourite ogre.

Shrek's home

Tuesday, March 01, 2011


Levinkha's Posting:

Nah, presenting to you my bums...ooops sorry my first Levi's. Hey, when did you get your 1st Levi's?