Saturday, April 10, 2010

Dream Come True...

Ashviqha's Posting:

Love those earring and never had chance to try it out. And today my dream came true. Yayyy..i've pierced my ears today.
Getting the rite location.

The whole process wasn't too bad for a starter like me. Starter? Ohh yaa, who knows I might end up piercing few more just to keep up with the trend :)

Few drops of tears, just to officiate the ear piercing session..:)

I'm not suppose to remove the earring for another 3 weeks. Then I guess I'll switch to a different earring. PaPa fell in love with one of the white gold earring ...hey it comes with a white stone you know. PaPa was 'hey i think this will look simple and nice on you'..and Mommy turned the price tag and GOsh it was RM5880. wHaT?? dIaMoND? 'Ok no thanks, maybe another day yaaa'. Even if I'm as rich as Uncle AK, I don't think I would spend soooo much for such a small stone!!

Sunday, April 04, 2010


Ashviqha's Posting:

Mommy and PaPa were on leave on the 2 Apr. That's a bit strange when both of them are at home. I asked Mommy, why didn't she go to work? She answered "I need to see your teacher today". I freaked out. "Anything went wrong". "Mmm...No just wanted to say Hi to your teachers". That sounds strange but I could't be bothered as I'm always a good girl in school. So the first thing I told my teacher in the morning was " Hari ini ibu saya mahu nampak cikgu"...She gave a funny look and replied "Emak awak nak 'jumpa' saya?.....Oh dear now that answered the funny look on her face! I always thought I'm a great translator but i just realized that I'm just another Google Translator:)

I've diverted so much from the title but ,.......I'm sure you'll are as eager as me to know why Mommy came to school. Wanted to discuss on my progress and also found out that I'm famous among the teachers and admin staff as 'budak mata cantik' (that means Ms Beautiful eyes)....I'm already flying high but...let's go back to the title.

On the very same day, Mommy, PaPa and Levinkha were all dressed up waiting to fetch me from school. I was puzzled and all I know we must be going somewhere. They said it's a SURPRISE. That's a killer word you know! Tried asking Levinkha but as usual she was cheerful coz she's going out from the hse...(Basically that's all she needs..not the SURPRISE). PaPa gave a clue.."Read the signboard as we move on"....AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH it's G-E-N-T-I-N-G.

First trip for Levinkha and me uncountable. Anyway I love this place and I enjoy going there.Thanks PaPa for the lovely SURPRISE Vacation. Where's our next destination? HKD??

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Mama Mia !! Dracula Recipe

Levinkha's Posting:

Hey! Have you ever thought of scarying someone? I thought it was mission impossible till lately I realized it could be reality!! I was succesful. I made Mommy, Akka and Kakak screamed their hearts out.

Well here goes the recipe for making Dracula!!

150gram - One bottle of perfume talc
10ml of water
1 brush
Dark or black costume (but i just used my princess dress)


1. Put all the 150g talc in a big bowl and pour 10ml water.
2. Mix thoroughly.
3. Leave for 5 minutes to settle down.
4. Apply the batter on your face with the help of a brush.
5. Leave it for 5 minutes to dry.
6. Done.

Happy Cooking...Ooops Happy!!