Thursday, October 28, 2010

Birthday, Birthday & Birthday

Ashviqha's Posting:
Hey, we stopped at Levinkha's birthday and some you wanted to know how we celebrated Papa's birthday. Mmm simple I would say. The older you are the simpler it get. Hehe...But this time we thought of celebrating 2-in-1 birthday since PaPa's is on 15th Sep and mine on the 16th Sep.

Just us with grandparents...

On 16th we had special lunch. Indonesion cuisine in Anggerik Kuring. Authentic Javanese food.

The speciality there is the Ayam Presto (Soft Bone Chicken). Bones are extremely soft so you can eat it just like that. I guess Presto means the 'chicken is cooked in high pressure'. But the chicken wasn't too soft. Mmm it's a bit complicated!

Next one, is the Ikan Joget (Dancing Fish). Dancing & also SMILING...:) Posing habis this fish...Hey Fish, thanks for the wonderful dance, we enjoyed your dance in our tummy too...wakaka!

That's all the wrap up on 15th & 16th let's move backwords to 13 Aug. Yay it was Mommy's birthday and trust me this is the best birthday gift ever to our dearest Mommy. 13 Aug sharp 12am, PaPa came back home with a small mini cake, woke me up and I managed to. We woke up the birthday girl and she was all shocked. And later that day about 10am we left somewhere bheading south. PaPa was like 'DOn't ask me anything, just FOLLOW ME'. We knew it must be somewhere in PD coz we manage to guess BUT the MOST exciting part was ................

We put up in Legend International Water Homes....Oh my....all three of us were speechless! Speechless after we saw the private swimming pool in the room...........

What else....the immediate action we could think of is jumping into the pool. And we did!

It was exciting to be in the pool-room-pool activity!
The pool wasn't lonely, even at nite.


Ashviqha's Posting:

Hi, we are back with more updates...
Our apology to those frequent visitor to this blog but only find there isn't any new entry. To be frank, our CE has not recovered from her work/life marathon. Even though things have settled down but her brains are still frozen. So let the photos do the talking here for the next few postings. And look .....

how busy we are updating this blog...hehe:) (not blogging but busy with Princess dressup game...infact we just found that there's Aiswarya Rai dressup game too...that's a cool one)