Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Room Sweet Room

Ashviqha's Posting:
We have shifted from Bdr Sunway to Bandar Puteri Puchong. Had the house warming ceremony on the 18th Nov 09, at 4am. It was a small function with only close relations attended the function. Despite the time (4am), all attended the function. I woke up as early as 4am to join the ceremony but Levinkha was having a tough time so she continued sleeping up to 6.30am.
Officially the things were moved on 21 Nov. That was a hectic day for PaPa and Mommy. Packing and unpacking! A big thanks thanks to all those who helped us on that day...to be specific...Suresh Mama, Manju Atthai, Kanesan Periappa, Siva Periappa, Nallasivam Periappa, Vasuge Periamma, grandmas and grandpas.

About my new house......spacious compared to what we use to have, very quiet (u can even hear a pin drop), magnificent view from up the hill, very cold especially at night (we don't really need air cond), beautiful playground, wonderful neighbours (with that little handsome boy Karan next door...hey he's only 2 ok!!)

About my new room...we call it a PINKY ROOM. It's all pink as we are crazy pinkies! Walls are pink, wardrobe is pink, curtain is pink, bedsheet
is pink and even the bath mat is also PINK!!!!!! (The photos are self evident). Levinkha and I share this room. Mommy says she's lucky to have 2 girls so we could share the same room and spare room will be dedicated as library/study.

PINK roller blind

PINK wall

PINK Princess Bedsheet

Levinkha's favourite cartoon character alarm clock... (Mommy says i need this to wake up every morning coz next year i'll start schooling....yahoooooooo)

PINK wardrobe

PINK bath mat

What else can i ask for?? Complete DREAM ROOM has been fulfilled..Many thx to you both PaPa and Mommy!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Big Sorry

Ashviqha's Posting:

Are you'll missing us??? Ash-Levin really appreciate all comments and e-mails from our avid readers. SORRRRYYYY....
Ash Levin sisters went missing for 2 months and we are BACK with more updates now. There's so much to update that i'm having a tough time to figure out the flow of my postings...Hihi:)

Last 2 months were so hectic for us (or Mommy???)...probably that's the reason we din have much time to pen down the happenings. We shifted to Puchong last November and that goes the whole month of November for cleaning etc..etc. Infact there are still lot more to go!
And later this month (12-26 Dec), we went to India to visit our relations/tour.
I'll elaborate more in my next postings.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Talk of The Day...

Ashviqha's Posting:

Ash: Mommy why don't you change your car, it's pretty old rite...?
Mommy: Mmm...yaa
Ash: Maybe you should get that car (pointing at Camry next to our car)
Mommy: Mommy is very poor...can't afford la darling. Why don't u get me one once you grow up? That's why you need to study hard Ash, then you can get what you dream....
Ash: Then why didn't you study hard Mommy?
Mommy:.............§$§%$&/(%$§ (scratching the head)...

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Fried Sausage Rolls

Ashviqha's Posting:

Today we had simple dinner, Fried Sausage Rolls. On the way to my Ballet class, Mommy told me that she's gonna try a new recipe with sausages. Can you imagine, i just can't concentrate in my class thinking of the Fried Sausage Rolls...because i love sausages :)

It was a new recipe that taken from Aunty Love's site. I finished 2 rolls, which is amazing. Levinkha was trying her best to dig the sausages out of the bread..she was having fun though:)

I captured some photos without flash I guess...so most likely at one go it may not be so tempting but i suggest you to click the link below to get the recipe and of course the mouth-watering photos...

Also heard Mommy's conversation with PaPa over the phone:

Mommy: Are you coming back for dinner today?
PaPa: What's for dinner?
Mommy: New recipe ..Fried Sausage Rolls
PaPa: Ok, I'll take dinner at home then...But it's not fattening right?? I'm feeling a bit bulky after Diwali...
Mommy: Mmm...bread+sausages.........I guess you can evaluate yourself. Hihi...
PaPa: Okkkkk....(oh dear I know it's fattening but since my wife prepared it with full of love, I'll stuff everything today!!)

Friday, October 23, 2009

Annual Concert & Graduation

Ashviqha's Posting:

Finally I've graduated from Kindy. Informal graduation though coz I still have to go school until mid Dec. Mommy says this is the first step towards achieving my goals. I was told that there's more to go through. Whatever it is, I'm proud of myself as graduation ceremony took place yesterday in conjuction with the Annual Concert 2009. It was held in Summit USJ Auditorium, the same venue as the previous year. As usual, lots of effort was put in by the teachers and children to entertain the guests. Here goes my concert & graduation pre-shoot photos...actual concert photos will be posted once we get it end of this month.

Concert Attire...for the Mickey Song. The dress was a bit loose and 'Kakak' had to alter it. Definetely it was looking better yesterday :)

My classmates @dance group.

I'm geared up to move to Standard 1..

When can I throw my mortarboard??

Diwali 2009

Levinkha's Posting:

Diwali this year was really great. This is my 3rd Diwali. Mommy told me that 1st Diwali I was in Ipoh, not knowing anything about the festival...spending most the time sleeping. What a waste!!! 2nd Diwali i was at home..simple celebration coz Mommy's hero wasn't around...LOL:)) and THIRD DIWALI, I had a blast! This year I knew how to ask for a new dress and munch that crispy murukku...

Diwali eve was great as we celebrated in Nallasiwam Perippa's house. He arranged a D&D (Dinner & Dance). I guess one should start with a dinner and end with a dance but for me it was the other way round...hihi...of course la, I was too excited with the loud music and I couldn't control my legs.

Thanks to Nallasiwam Perippa who put in sooo much effort for this party and Mommy told me that he's not well now ... Get well soon Perippa..We all love you!...
These are some of the photos taken for Diwali. We'll try to upload everything in Fotopages soon.....


U want some?

The one in purple is Sharmilla Akka. She come down from Perth for this Diwali. It was a surprise visit...mmm I guess most of them were shocked to see the whole family in Ipoh! I can't really recall anyone of them coz i was a baby during their previous visit.

Dance baby dance...

Akka and her dance...with her 2008 concert attire. She dance for Alegra song from Kandasamy.


Can I join the Daddies??

Happy Diwali...Where am I?

Purple vs Yellow

Saw the tattoo on my arm?

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Exam Over, Diwali Around the Corner

Ashviqha's Posting:

It's over for this year. YES! Modern Theatre Dance exam is over. It was today at 4pm in Aurora, Taipan Branch. My examiner today was Amanda Green (she's a white lady..not green!!Hihi...). I forgot the camera today as I was sooo busy with my outfit, hairdo etc2. So there's no posing2 today...

I can't believe there's only 3 more days left for Diwali...Levinkha and I got 3 pairs of new clothes. 1 purple pattu pavadai (traditional blouse & skirt), 1 blue lehenga (bollywood concept skirt & blouse) and 1 punjabi suit (different colours, gift from Aatha for Diwali). Well we had difficult time finding a tailor last minute for the pattu pavadai. Mommy as usual with her last minute thing got panicked but somehow (u know her la...Ms. Perfectionist), will get things done just the way it has to be (if not she can't sleep the whole night...probably until Diwali 2010). I should thank this Indian Muslim Aunty who's willing to take last minute order...At least Mommy can zzzzzzzzzz now......LOL:))

I just can't wait to pose with my new clothes...and of course to put it up in my blog. Stay tuned ...

Wishing each one of you a very happy and prosperous Diwali. May this year brings you lotsa of happiness in life ...

Leisure Photography

Ashviqha's Posting:

It was Mommy's idea to go for a leisure photography to the playground next to my taman. The title seems to be so relaxing but unfortunately it wasn't so because Mommy was trying catch hold of Little Levinkha who can't stand still in one place. I enjoyed posing for the camera and Levinkha enjoyed the slide and swing! Mommy said that the photos turned out to be good for her minimal skills in photography. Well done Mommy!!!
Aishwarya Rai? Kareena Kapoor? Ashviqha Su? Hehe, Is Ashviqha Su glamour enough to make myself glamour? I was once invited to do a dance (through Aurora Dance School) with Uncle Amithab Bachan and his son for a bollywood movie shoot in KL. But Teacher Jin Lee and Mommy was not so convinced with the Agent(just can't remember the name) and decided not to take part...mmmm :(
I'm not a gentle Lenglui for bollywood, I can only try my luck for movies with Jackie Chan or Jet Li... :)
Pls Mommy..can you stop taking photos? I'm tired.........

Sunday, October 11, 2009

B Celebration

Ashviqha's Posting:

Sorry...i know i'm a bit slow with my postings nowdays. Guess what!! There are so many postings pending but my CE(chief editor) is soooo busssssyyy. Busy with work, 'holidaying', reporting, renovation etc2. Well I can't complain much because I don't pay her monthy salary.. :)

So, let my photos do the rest of the work now..........These photos were taken on 16 Sep in SRK SS19. Yessss...my birthday celebration. Look at my beautiful Princess cake, it was lovely. My friends and I had a good time posing for the camera.

Pinky Princess cake..special gift from PaPa and Mommy

"Can we start now...?"


"Happy Birthday 2 U, Happy Birthday 2 U, Happy Birthday 2 Ashviqha, Happy Birthday 2 U"

And now I'm officially 6

Special Princess Party Pack for girls..

And Mickey Party Pack for boys....That's Shahrukh Khan my best friend (sshhhh...many dying to be his friend and look how lucky I am).

Finally tasted the cake...So yummylicious.

Another small celebration at home..Suppose to go out for dinner but unfortunately Levinkha wasn't feeling well. So we had to dissect the cake at home ..Hihi!!

Double celebration...For PaPa and Daughter

"Akka you are the best in the world..."

That's the prezzie from PaPa and Mommy...the Manicure Set/ Fancy Clip on Nails. The Wishlist is very helpful though.

PaPa and Mommy felt bad for not taking me out on my birthday. So they decided to put Levinkha to sleep early and we went out for supper. Cozy restaurant but simple food...still my all time favourite 'Hokkien Mee'.