Wednesday, June 30, 2010

June Updates..

Ashviqha's Posting:

Mommy said....'Every time, I get behind the wheels every evening, I intend to edit, rephrase all the pending posts with brilliants words and ideas...but everything disappears the moment I reach home..I'm sure working Mommies out there would understand the exact situation I'm going through. It's tough with the current education system and it's tougher with other parents in the school. These 2 matters take lots of my precious time and of course a little bit of laziness..Btw, don't see laziness in a negative way ok..laziness is nothing more than the habit of resting before you get tired..hehe:)'

Looks like Mommy has explained the reason for not keeping up with her KPI for this month. The updates for this month would be in bulleted form:

  • School holidays are the highlight of the month. Even though we were trying to arrange for some vacation but ended up in Ipoh. Levinkha and I spent around 10 days there. We are lucky to have a Grandpa who can drive us around, get whatever and whenever we want.

Trip to Gunung Lang Playground by motor boat..

Gunung Lake view from the playground

Feeding the fish...

Is this what you call vandalism?

    We attended a birthday function with Vasugi Periamma. Had some coloring activities and lots of food( Levin & I not so fancy about food coz we don't like eating but minus the junkies!)

  • Down the memory lane. Went visiting Cookadai in Ayer Tawar, the place my Attha was born and bred. Little history on Cookadai- The name didn’t exist until some Indians name it so because there lived a Cook who has a shop (Kedai/Kadai) and it was as Cook Kadai…Went to the Tamil School Attha attended, temple and the lake near her house. Lovely…pictures would say a millions words .

Tamil school that Attha attended back in ....1950s.

    This is the temple in Cookadai..still exist. But Attha's house is no more, demolished!

Beautiful lake near Athha's house. Use to be PaPa's favourite place during childhood. This is the place where he used to catch baby crabs with Manju Athai...

Trip to Kulim. Went to Uma & Seetha Athai’s house. Great to be with the 5 Machans. First we were put back after knowing that we’ll be in Kulim for few days. Wondering how to mingle with boys… To my surprise we got ourselves comfortable with the boys. We all ended up playing football together!
To both Athai’s who made our trip memorable…Thx. Din know your boys can be friendly with girls! That gives us a reason for another trip.

    From left: Yumaren, Pavithran, Thanesh, Vagiesh (front), Logan

    Modern Theatre examination (Primary Level Ballet) results are out. 91% which is Grade A. Ooohhhooooo…slight weight increase to my folder.

    Not boasting but as a proof that I'm not lying :))

    Swimming Fun. Had fun in the hot sun..oops pool.

    But this one was much more fun than the pool...Shivering + Ice Cream = Heaven

  • Zoo Fun. Had fun watching from bears to zebra

    The giraffes looks pretty gorgeous nah!

  • Night Park Adventure. Sunway Lagoon nite park was so so only. Nothing to shout about. But we did shout while walking on the longest bridge connecting Sunway Lagoon to the other side of the world (i think it's the other side of the world, coz it was too long and we didn't manage to finish it.)


  • Father’s Day @ Bollywood Academy on 27th June. My group danced for the song ‘Papa Keep A Ri’. This time, Levinkha, Attha and ‘Lagi’ Attha followed us. ‘Lagi’ Athha sounds funny rite. There’s one more grandmother from Ipoh (PaPa’ relation) is here with us for 2 weeks. So Levinkha had a tough time differentiating the 2 Atthas so she named her ‘Lagi Athha’ means ‘Another Attha’….Oh Levin u r such a funny girl! Levinkha slept throughout the dance but manage to pick up some lyrics from me ..’Papa Keep A Ri Hum Mai’. Back to Father’s Day celebration….Remember for Mother’s Day we gave roses to our mothers but this time hahhahaaa…..

...we invited our fathers for a dance session......It was cool seeing all daddies shaking their bellies and hips. Actually felt some tremor there...awww:)) PaPa is known to be a great dancer from those no comments. He was simply superb.

Actually we couldn't sit still watching the heroes so we all joined them.

Monday, June 28, 2010

My New Hairstyle a.k.a Sacrifice

Ashviqha's Posting:

You can sacrifice anything for your parents and the least I could do is sacrifice my hair! Whhahatt?? Yep, I sacrificed my hair for the sake of Mommy. Mommy was worried how things gonna be when Kakak is not around…My hair consumes lots of Mommy’s time. I know I’m a little girl who’s not so handy to Mommy at the moment and realized that by changing my hairstyle would save Mommy’s time and energy. So decided to cut my hair short! Even though short but I just love it! As if posing for the Vidal Sassoon ad… Phew….STUNNING!

Front view..

Side view...

Back view...

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Soon To Be Drama Queen!

Ashviqha's Posting:

Another exciting activity for last weekend was the Half Term Performance in Helen O Grady (HOG) USJ. My first event with HOG since I joined beginning of this year. Short performance for about 30 minutes. Parents were invited to see our performance.
Speech and expression is given importance. How do you say BALL? I say BALLLL….you see the LLLL sounds very clear. Another example…BIGGER THAN MINE. I would say ‘BIGGGGER Tthhhann Maaaaaine’. So speech is crystal clear! Well that's not about it K…

HOG also produces Drama Kings & Queens…I’m one of them. Hahaha! End of the day Teacher Andrina gives comments on each student…..And mine goes like this:

Ashviqha is such a good student, attentive student in the class. Sometimes she makes me scared by staring at me ‘What’s next?’. Her pronounciation is clear and loves expressing herself and mix around well. I just love teaching her.

Suppose to be a bear!

That's teacher Andrinna

That's my HOG frenzz