Thursday, December 02, 2010

Quick Updates..

Ashviqha's Posting:

Horse Riding in PD last Sunday

Cooking is fun...

I'm a pretty princess, on the way to Helen O Grady Drama Concert

Finally up the stage...

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Dimo the Fish

Ashviqha's Posting:

Presenting to you our new pet Dimo The Fish.

Guess what, I spent the whole day playing Monopoly with Harnisya Akka & Thisheelan Anna today. I can't even catch a glimpse of it for the next 1 week. Tired and exhausted I would say. Haha:) And that's when Harnisya Akka gave me her fighting fish with mini aquarium. I was quite nervous to bring it back home thinking how would Mommy react with this extra bundle of joy in the family. Oh! She proved me wrong.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Who's who?

Levinkha's Posting:

Guess who are these kids?

These are faded pix. from an ancient album. I'm sure some of you are wondering what's their age now…Not too old , probably in 30s. The first one is obviously a boy and the second is girl. The boy looks chubby and cute. Guess he must be a handsome man now. The second looks pathetic (as if 1st time posing for the camera) and looks like wasn't given food for months. Wakaka....

That's PaPa and Mommy when they were small. People say Akka looks like PaPa and I look like Mommy...IS THAT TRUE??? Let's compare...

Monday, November 15, 2010

Girls' Only Party

Ashviqha's Posting:

Hi everyone, how was Diwali? We had a simple celebration in Ipoh this year. Aattha bought pretty dresses for us to mark the auspicious day. But unfortunately the photos are not avaiable as we didn't carry our camera. Probably later when we are free we would pose for the camera to capture our beautiful dress (the dress is getting shorter day by day...or we are getting taller day by day).

Let's get back to title here. Last Sat, Mommy organized Girls' Only Party for me. It was a blast!! Originally we wanted to have a small birthday party with games but unfortunately Mommy was away in Peine, so we decided to postpone the postponed till I never realized that we actually planned one! So the theme was ONLY GIRLS! But guess what we had a super gorgeous hero who made our day. Jeng...jeng...
11 of us...small but a loud group. No wonder Mommy lost her voice end of the day. (Mommy & PaPa: 'How the teachers in school can survive with you ppl? Amazing!!)

Before the party started...From left, Annie Tang, Pramiqha (kindy friend), Bibi(neighbour) and Natalie. Waiting for more to come.

Simple decor by PaPa...

My darling sister, part of the party too!

Having delicious meal...anyone on the next two floors?


Getting ready for the cake cutting. That's my Barbie cake. She was looking gorgeous, sad to CUT & EAT her!!

Ohhh, she's looking sweet with this outfit.

Mommy organized few games such as Statue dance, poison box, musical chair and talent time. The girls enjoyed collecting lots and lots of presents. Even the loosers get generous Mommy can be!!

Finally, all of us sat down, opening the birthday gifts. Thanks friends for all the wonderful gifts...
ANDDDDDDDD this is the HERO I was talking about, Andy Tang. He's my classmate Annie Tang's bro. We are from the same school and he's in Satndard 5. He asked Mommy if he could join the party as well. Mommy had no choice but to accept him. But trust me, PaPa and Mommy just loved him sooo much for the way he is. He was assisting PaPa and Mommy conducting the games. He was jovial, funny, .........(list goes on). If there's another party here, difinetely Andy Tang will be in the top of the list. Thanks Andy for cheering up the party!

Overall it was a great party. Mommy got some feedbacks from my friends....

'Aunty this party is the best in the WORLD'. 'Pls invite me next time if there's any party'. 'This is the first party with lots of game and presents, just love it'.


1) More games with more presents will be exciting
2) No heavy food like Mee Hoon. Sausages and nuggets will be the best!
3) Plan early and do a proper invitation card, not a last minute one with hand drawn map...
4) Get a microphone
5) 2-in-1 birthday (Levinkha's and mine), so that we don't end up fighting for the birthday gift.
6) Prepare a BIG plastic bag for everyone, to put all the presents in.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Birthday, Birthday & Birthday

Ashviqha's Posting:
Hey, we stopped at Levinkha's birthday and some you wanted to know how we celebrated Papa's birthday. Mmm simple I would say. The older you are the simpler it get. Hehe...But this time we thought of celebrating 2-in-1 birthday since PaPa's is on 15th Sep and mine on the 16th Sep.

Just us with grandparents...

On 16th we had special lunch. Indonesion cuisine in Anggerik Kuring. Authentic Javanese food.

The speciality there is the Ayam Presto (Soft Bone Chicken). Bones are extremely soft so you can eat it just like that. I guess Presto means the 'chicken is cooked in high pressure'. But the chicken wasn't too soft. Mmm it's a bit complicated!

Next one, is the Ikan Joget (Dancing Fish). Dancing & also SMILING...:) Posing habis this fish...Hey Fish, thanks for the wonderful dance, we enjoyed your dance in our tummy too...wakaka!

That's all the wrap up on 15th & 16th let's move backwords to 13 Aug. Yay it was Mommy's birthday and trust me this is the best birthday gift ever to our dearest Mommy. 13 Aug sharp 12am, PaPa came back home with a small mini cake, woke me up and I managed to. We woke up the birthday girl and she was all shocked. And later that day about 10am we left somewhere bheading south. PaPa was like 'DOn't ask me anything, just FOLLOW ME'. We knew it must be somewhere in PD coz we manage to guess BUT the MOST exciting part was ................

We put up in Legend International Water Homes....Oh my....all three of us were speechless! Speechless after we saw the private swimming pool in the room...........

What else....the immediate action we could think of is jumping into the pool. And we did!

It was exciting to be in the pool-room-pool activity!
The pool wasn't lonely, even at nite.


Ashviqha's Posting:

Hi, we are back with more updates...
Our apology to those frequent visitor to this blog but only find there isn't any new entry. To be frank, our CE has not recovered from her work/life marathon. Even though things have settled down but her brains are still frozen. So let the photos do the talking here for the next few postings. And look .....

how busy we are updating this blog...hehe:) (not blogging but busy with Princess dressup game...infact we just found that there's Aiswarya Rai dressup game too...that's a cool one)

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Slowing Down...

Ashviqha's Posting:

Blogging has been slowing down, life is kicking to the max - Chief Editor (CE)

Never had the toughest time like this before, waiting for it to end- CE

It's worst than anything you could imagine - CE

All those are quotes from our CE. Quite sure all of you got the flow of it. Yes she's extremely busy at least for the next 4 weeks. Btw, we'll make sure she does editing as much as she can as she finds blogging is a way to LEPAS TENSION!!

The other day Mommy and I went to JUSCO. Mommy was going around the Baby's (Boy) Department. I was curious...and here goes our conversation..........................

Ash : Why are you walking around this area, if you are sooo interested in this department, why don't you have a baby boy then.

Mommy : Dei, we need to cross over the other side ok...Btw, I'm not interested having anymore babies OK...When you have a baby boy in future, he'll be like my son too....

Ash : Whatttt??? Oh pls I'm not interested in having babies when I grow up, I don't want any naughty baby like Levinkha. Not easy OK. Can't even go out peacefully...

Mommy : WHATTTT? Can I say the same thing now....Arrrrgggghhhhh....It's too late now!!!!

Friday, August 06, 2010

Ï'm 3 Today

Levinkha's Posting:

Hey I turned 3 today. Mommy says you get wrinkles as you get old. But i don't see any extra lines today...LOL:) Still in the safe zone I guess!

I'm officially 3 today. We had a small birthday party..with all our close uncles & aunties, around 20 of us. Only Manju atthai didn't turn up as she always stuck in traffic on Fridays. But she promised to visit us tomorrow. Some pix to share the moment with all of you out there...

What a coincodence...3 Mickey for 3 years birthday...Never realised it until this posting.

Taaaaa daaaaaaa.....Proudly presents the birthday girl with the birthday dress courtesy from Susie Periamma.

How is it...?

Nobody started started of the birthday song...

Sisterly love...nothing can be sweeter than this. There'll be thousands of sisters but nothing can be like your own sister...(that's what Mommy claims!)

Vim atthai gave a piggy bank as birthday gift..Hope i'll start saving now. There are many gift from Mommy& Papa, Akka, Thata& Athha, but too many to post here! Anyway thanks for the all the wonderful gift, we love you uncles & aunties.

Ash-Levin Turning 2

Ashviqha and Levinkha:

Today at 6 Aug, 11:03am Ash-Levin.blogspot turning 2. Why are we being so specific with 11:03am? Yes, Levinkha was introduced to this world at that particular time 3 years back. Our deepest thanks to those of you who have read, commented, befriended and otherwise kept us company over this time. I hope each of you—those who subscribe, discovered this blog by clicking on a link, learned about it by old-fashioned word of mouth or Googled your way here—will continue reading. We appreciate your visit here!.

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Kitchen R&D

Ashviqha's Posting:
There's new R&D being carried out in the kitchen lately. The researcher is not aiming for any innovation here but to play around or get used to the research system and equipments. It is indeed a great way to be a successful researcher. All the best PaPa for being a researcher in our brand new kitchen. Gender pose no barrier here. Hope your struggle continues...

This is the innovation by PaPa a.k.a Researcher. The egg tofu with mix vege tasted good for a first timer. Hoping to see more innovation for the upcoming weekends!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

If I'm A Multi Millionaire...

Ashviqha's Posting:

The title seems to bore us as millionaires are too many so the focus should only be multi billionaire. I wonder what would Mommy do with the $$$ if she’s a multi billionaire now.

Mommy: Ok, I just love this topic. Let me list down all those ‘things’ that would make myself complete.

The list goes in random as I’m still unaware of my needs at the moment…(probably I’m not ready to be one!)

1. To appoint an image consultant to change myself…of course rite, from a girl next door to a billionaire I guess I still need some changes in the way I present myself. So let the image consultant to pick all the designer clothes and items which suits my Billionaire status ya!

2. Brand new Toyota Harrier (not so class ah…but it’s ok I just love the car!)

3. BMW 5 Series ..mmm let’s go for 7 Series, afterall I’m a Billionaire now!

4. Let’s get an exclusive car for PaPa (BMW X6), anything he chooses. You know why chose X6, he was jealous that one of the actor driving that car...SIMBU (tamil actor). Eventhough i can't make him an actor but at least he drives what SIMBU drives..:))

5. Exclusive bungalow (fully made out of glass) with interior by a great ID, a swimming pool, SPA facilities, a gym, a nice garden with fountains and whatever can make me feel pampered being in the place so called home. And also don't forget the security guards around the house :)

6. All the wonderful perfumes and makeup stuffs…from Chanel to CK just name it and there goes my dressing table full of fragrances and makeups.

7. I want to donate to that particular Charity Home (just can’t recall the name, but it’s in KL somewhere near Setapak). And if you all don’t mind I’ll adopt a kid from there, maybe a boy. I prefer girls but since I have two girls and an addition to it will be a disaster which will tear down my billionaire status! (girls are too expensive nowadays!)

8. Let’s get a BIG bike, whatever is huge! I’m not a fan of big bikes but then what the heck I have extra $$$ and I wanna go on a bike near the beach with my leather jackets and boots on. And let the guys or old men out there go like…`Phewww! She’s extraordinary’. Oh yaa before forget I need to get a license first before purchasing a big HUGE bike.

9. I need to get extra super duper exclusive condo (away from city centre) for my olden days. I can’t afford going up the staircase or even lift in my huge bungalow anymore. Just need an exclusive condo but of course with ONLY 2 extra rooms for my girls and their family to stay during their visit.

10. Purchase a vacation house in UK, Henley on Thames to be specific, to be more2 specific facing the River Thames. Very quiet and peaceful.

11. I know this will sound too cheap, but can i purchase that bungalow unit up the hill in Bandar Puteri? Very exclusive looking for the non-billionaire Mommy, but after being a billionaire I don't want to miss the opportunity of owning one! (Greedy woman?...Yes I am)

12. Ok, finally if I have extra cash I would give my girls to go shopping in SINMA!!! Ooouch what a disaster to my billionaire status!

Ash: Mommy are you in wonderland now…..MOMMMMYYY, wake up. Levinkha is already sleeping, and I still haven’t completed my BM homework.

Mom: What? Oh s***, I should have hired a personal tutor for you while I was a billionaire, well it’s too late now!