Sunday, February 20, 2011


Ashviqha's Posting:

Hi everyone...I feel new to this blogging world, feel a bit left out too. It's quite sometime since I updated this blog. And some of you did e-mail, message Mommy through FB and asked personally what exactly happened? Well, the answer is very simple. All of us were attacked by so called Lazyocriptumumus virus and it took some time to recover. Oooh finally we are feeling much better to start this brand new year. Perhaps, we have quite a number of juicy stories lined up for you people out there.

Quick update of 2011:
  • Started schooling in January. Was too excited to go to Standard 2 especially the first day...Why? Coz I was chosen to be a prefect. Mmm...with new uniform and the 'new' smell from it was great!

  • Levinkha and I are behaving more like sisters now. We started quarelling for things like bangles and jewelleries; and kungfu fight is a must in our life now. Hey that's a great milestone for us!

  • Levinkha finally experienced her flying journey with Everyone Can Fly!

  • Last week we went to Singapore with Universal Studio being our main intention. (special posting on US will be up soon)