Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Sin @ Dosa

Ash :  Yesterday I felt as if I'm eating beef...Mommy even if you think without really eating Berdosa or not?

Mommy :  What? Berdosa?

Ash :  Yes Mommy ...Berdosa kan?

Mommy :  Why is it all of a sudden berdosa is in Malay language? Who taught you the word?  Guess must be a Malay friend of yours.

Ash :  Yes Mommy, it's Sarah...but she doesn't know how to translate.

Berdosa (sin) has been a popular word here recently but nothing can beat the cuteness of Levinkha pronouncing the word..

(This happened during the month of Ramadhan..the fasting month for the Muslims)

Levinkha :  Mommy, if Kakak eat now, she bodosa rite?

Mommy : What? 

Levinkha : Bodosa  rite Mommy?

Mommy & Ash :  BODOSA ???  Ohhhh u mean 'berdosa'

Levinkha : Ya..ya..

Probably it doesn't sound that cute here..but trust me it was a LOL :) moment.

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