Friday, July 29, 2011

First 21st

Ashviqha's Posting:

What is it about 'First 21st?' Yes attended a 21st birthday party for the first time. Always kids birthday and finally Mommy's cousin sister, Senthilah Akka turned 21 last 23rd July, and we were there to celebrate it. Yeeaay it was blue themed party, and i just love it as my favourite color now is BLUE!

It was big crowd, never expected that though! Mommy has too many cuzzies and i can hardly remember all the names. Yes too many....just scroll down to see the number of people in her family, the 3rd & 4th Generation of V & V (Veerappan & Veerammah).

The BLUE CAKE..(a tasty one)

Cake cutting...Left: Senthilah Akka's dad. Right: Her mom..Akka's dad is my grandmom's brother. In that case what shall i call him..Thatha? Doesn't he look young to be called Thatha. He insisted that we should call him Periappa..

Btw, Levinkha feels Thatha sounds old, she's gonna call him 'Grandpa' which sounds younger...LOL :)
English feels young, tamil means old....Enna Kodumai saar ithu!

Mommy's missing in action! 7 girls and 1 boy....
Mommy is already grumbling with 2 girls...just imagine if it is extra 6 in my family now...probably Mommy will end up in Tg Rambutan.... :)

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