Saturday, August 06, 2011

3rd Bloggerversary

It has been three years since we started our blog ‘Ash Levin’. For the first time we made a post on 6 Aug 2008. Since then it has been a memorable journey. A very important part has been our readers. They have given us the much needed reinforcement, motivation and inspiration to move forward. We would like to thank our readers, who have kept us going. Yes, the little messages on Mommy’s FB do keep us awake of the importance of this blog.

We have loved our blog ever since we started it. We say this because this has been a brilliant platform for our memorable journey of childhood & sisterhood. This is our personal diary but we make it public. Isn’t that fun reading other people's diaries?

Once again we would like to say 'Thank You' to one and all who contributed their bit...especially Mommy for the effort and extra bits of ideas.


Stay tune for more updates from Ash-Levin.

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Hi dearies and Mommy!

First of all, Happy Blogoversary to!

How's Mommy??? Whats her Fb??? ;)