Monday, August 20, 2012

Color Me Brown..

Ashviqha's posting:

There's a girl from an industrial village from small struggled to gain some extra bit of weight. Things got worst when she was in Uni , whereby she even went to the extreme of taking Weight Gain special formulated milk powder to get the extra fat, not to get voluptuous mind you but just to get herself intact with ground during hyper windy days !!! OK, let's FWD, FWD...

Now after many many years, this girl (and now lady) is married with 2 kids, and now she's been getting all the fat she wanted throughout her life.  She's a little upset over the huge numbers on the weighing scale...the stubborn 52.2kg.  Now she's feeling extremely bulky that she desparetely trying to loose 2.2kg to be of a 50kg Taj Mahal (remember the lyrics from one of the songs in Jeans).
Her favorite quote now is "eppadi inrunthe naan, ippadi ayitthen" . So she's on diet and her kids are also being tortured as part of her dietary plan...haha.
The house is just so full of brown stuffs..brown rice, brown sugar, brown bread (wholemeal), brown cereal and not to forget her house is also in full of brown shades..Haha
Btw, let's hope that this lady can shed that 2.2kg before Diwali, so that she can stuff herself with more junkies and 'koluppus'.  
Oh dearie, we had to make a post about you since we don't have much gossips in hand lately and you became our victim.  Hey you still got to thank us because we kept it anonymous :)                                                            

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