Tuesday, August 21, 2012

My First Thosai

Ashviqha's Posting:

Hi everyone, I'm sure all of you wondering what I mean with My First Thosai..Haha!  Some of you might even think, being an Indian for the last 9 nine years without having any Thosai in her life??  For those who don't know what thosai means, it's actually Indian pancake made out of rice. 
Ok..ok..back to my story.  Yes, I admit I've eaten many Thosais in my life but nothing like the first thosai that I made myself.  It was thin and crispy, like paper but with some noticeable holes (if nobody told Levinkha that it was thosai, she would've scribbled on it..LOL:) 

Hi Aunties out there, If anyone of you think that it's just another round thosai (not so round anyway), trust me it was my first hardwork in the kitchen.  It tasted extra good knowing that I've put in the effort at this age!

So, come let's enjoy my thosai...

 Like ghost...haha!!

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